Chemical agents for effective water treatment

We produce chemical agents that ensure an effective and stable coagulation and flotation process for paints and varnishes. Our offer also includes all kinds of additional products such as defoamers, pH correctors, or biocides.

What do we do?

What makes our products stand out?


The main advantage of our wide range of products consists in the ability to select an effective set of chemical agents for coagulation and flotation processes regardless of the type of paint used. Our coagulants and clarifying agents ensure the stability of water treatment in wet filtration booths, which is key to maintaining production continuity.


For years there has been a consistent emphasis on cost reduction in every industry. When developing product formulations, efficiency and economic optimisation constitute important aspects. This makes our coagulants and clarifying agents unrivalled in terms of the money-value-ratio.


We maintain proper stock levels to ensure the continuous availability of chemical agents from our warehouse in Tychy. Orders from customers in Poland are completed and dispatched by courier on the next working day at the latest, with delivery within 24 hours.

Safe for the user

It is important for us to use products that have as little impact as possible on the environment. A large proportion of the used components are of natural origin and pose no threat to nature. It should be emphasised that, at the same time, most of our products are completely safe for humans in the event of short-term direct contact.

How can we assist you?

Our aim is to improve coagulation and flotation processes in industrial paint shops.

We will gladly share our knowledge and experience with you during a no-binding consultation.


Stabilisation of paint coagulation processes in industrial paint shops.

Paint coagulation problems often result from ineffective chemical agents, but the cause can also lie in the technical aspect of the system itself. Often, small changes bring significant improvements in the effectiveness of water treatment. During a free workshop, we will analyse your process and suggest how to improve its individual elements.


Reducing the cost of chemical agents for paint-water separation systems

With great certainty, we can offer an effective set of chemical agents that will actually be more cost-effective than the chemical agents currently in use. During a free workshop, we will test your paints, select the optimum chemical agents, and compare the cost to your current expenditure.


Contact us and during a short conversation we will determine if there is any way that we can support your paint shop.

Scope of cooperation

What we offer during the free workshop?

Customer engagement and CHEMIFOR

01 — 04

Technical audit

We will verify the technical conditions, collect data for analysis, and take paint samples for testing.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

02 — 04

Sample testing

We will carry out tests, as a result of which we will select the optimum set of chemical agents for your paints and according to your needs.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

03 — 04

Implementation simulation

We will juxtapose the cost of chemical agents with their required use and compare it to the current situation.

Customer decision

04 — 04


We will provide you with the conclusions and data alowing you to make a decision that benefits your business.

Why choose us?

What makes us stand out?

Complete commitment during implementation.

We personally participate in the first launch. We set up the process and select the parameters to treat the water in the booth immediately, efficiently and without any complications.


We provide your staff with as much knowledge and instructions as possible. Handling the process is not difficult and does not require great involvement. Nevertheless, proper staff training allows avoiding many problems in the future.

Complete post-launch support.

We remain constantly available in terms of regular cooperation. You can reach us by phone 24/7, and if remote assistance is not enough, we provide on-site intervention by our technician.

Regular follow-up visits.

We carry out regular inspections of the coagulation process at set intervals. We then also verify the technical condition of the water treatment system components.

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Write us and we will call you back within 24 hours. During a short conversation we will get to know your initial needs and answer any questions you may have. We will then schedule a date for a free workshop, after which we will present our findings and proposals. Finally, based on the received information, you will make a decision that benefits your business.


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