Water purification system for spray booths

Our FLOT series consists of complete systems for separating paints and varnishes in wet filtration booths that are based on coagulation and flotation processes. They will work perfectly in systems using, for example, water soluble, solvent, or UV hardened paints. Depending on the configuration, they provide a water flow of 2,000-25,000 litres/hour.

FLOT Series

How does the FLOT system work?

As a word of introduction to describing our water purification system, it is worth mentioning that properly selected chemical products are also necessary for correct operation – you can find more information here. First of all, it is worth knowing that the water circulating in a booth should be saturated with a coagulant. The coagulant is designed to neutralise the varnish immediately after coming into contact with water. Neutralised varnish adheres noticeably less to booth components such as walls and sprinkler fittings. Therefore, contaminants remain mobile in the water and can be picked up by the submersible pump located in the booth’s sump. This pump is equipped with a shredding blade to break up larger lumps of paint. With the use of a floating system, it intercepts contaminants from the water surface and transports them to the flotation unit. A clarifying agent is dosed into the pipeline between the booth and the flotator, allowing the impurities already in flake form to flow easily to the surface of the water and be clearly separated from it. The flotator is equipped with an arm that collects the formed sludge into a special big-bag, which is located in a dedicated basket and allows for efficient drainage, as well as for recovering vast amounts of water. The water treated in the flotator is usually transported using gravity back into the booth. Iit is precisely at this stage that we dose the already mentioned coagulant.

What does FLOT consist of?

The basic element consists of a reaction tank (flotator) made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Depending on your needs, we offer one of several available sizes that differ, among other things, in volume and water surface area. The second essential component consists of a pump that transports the water from the booth or buffer tank to the flotator. We recommend a submersible pump with a chopper, but we also install external pumps. Integral parts of the system also consists on pumps dosing the chemical agents or the sludge basket, which is also made of AISI 304 steel and has a drainage system allowing for drainage of excess water. All components are controlled by a touch-panel control cabinet. Depending on the requirements, the system can be supplemented with accessories such as a preparator of the clarifying agent, a buffer tank, or a drainage pump.

Combined with our chemical products, the FLOT system provides the correct:

Paint denaturation

understood as a reduction in its viscosity to reduce adhering to the walls and the water systems of the booth.


meaning the aggregation of denatured paint into flake form, which enables its separation and extraction.


meaning the formation of a layer of sludge from the paint flakes that floats on the surface of the water.

How can we assist you?

Our aim is to improve coagulation and flotation processes in industrial paint shops.

We will gladly share our knowledge and experience with you during a no-binding consultation.


Are you considering investing in a paint booth or line with wet filtration?

Great! The sooner you talk to us the better. We will explain how to prepare the booths for a seamless collaboration with the system, what to look for when planning the water cycle, and we will also estimate the cost of implementing and using the system in regular production.


A paint shop with a water curtain is already in operation, but has been commissioned without water treatment?

No problem! In the vast majority of cases, adapting the paint-water separation system to existing booths is easy and presents no challenge at all. We also have prepared solutions for any possible obstacles and limitations.


Contact us and during a short conversation we will determine if there is any way that we can support your paint shop.

Scope of cooperation

What we offer during the free workshop?

Customer engagement and CHEMIFOR

01 — 05

Technical audit

We will verify the technical conditions, collect data for analysis, and take paint samples for testing.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

02 — 04

Sample testing

We will carry out tests, as a result of which we will select the optimum set of chemical agents for your paints and needs.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

03 — 05

Design adaptation

We will adapt the design to the requirements of a specific application and valuat e its implementation.

CHEMIFOR’s commitment

04 — 04

Implementation simulation

We will juxtapose the cost of the FLOT system as well as the required chemical agents wit h the advantages resulting from such an implementation.

Customer decision

05 — 05


We will provide you with the conclusions and data alowing you to make a decision that benefits your business.

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